State-of-the-art solutions that meet the highest requirements

Companies within the medical technology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors benefit from our automation solutions, which are individually adapted to their needs, as well as our decades of experience in these sectors, including with regard to operating and hygiene requirements.

Using our requirement-specific system designs, we ensure economical and reproducible manufacturing processes and increase process security within production – from small components up to complex units.

A sample of our projects

Optical measuring system for tablets with positioning and processing unit

Using a complete system consisting of machining and positioning components, as well as an image processing system from VMT, sheath core tablets are provided with two notches milled at 90° intervals and measured and documented for their quality with regard to the position of the core in relation to the sheath using suitable image processing methods. The measurement results serve as correcting variables to optimise the process of upstream tablet manufacturing.

Technical key data:

  • Length [m]: 1.8
  • Width [m]: 0.8
  • Height [m]: 2.0
  • Cycle time [s]: <3

Optical testing system for vials or ampoules

The injection vials on an ampoule carrier are inspected using a traversing unit for an image processing system from VMT, including lighting. The height of the carrier being tested is adjusted using a central adjusting system. In addition to this, an opto-electronic process recognises vials protruding above the ampoule carrier or other obstructions in order to prevent potential collisions during the testing cycle.

Technical key data:

  • Length [m]: 2.0
  • Width [m]: 0.8
  • Height [m]: 2.0
  • Carrier capacity: up to 650 ampoules

Welding machine for pouches

This welding machine is used to weld two S80 (400µm) sheets of foil. During this process, the pouches are positioned precisely by hand using the height-adjustable work table and three films can be welded at an intersection point to ensure the seal. In order to constitute a certifiable process, it is necessary that the contact pressure and temperature of the welding bar  are constant and evenly distributed over the entire length for the whole duration and can be measured at defined positions.

Technical key data:

  • Length [m]: 2.5
  • Width [m]: 3.75
  • Height [m]: 2.1
  • Welding bar length [m]: 2.5
  • Welding temperature [°C]: 0-300
  • Welding force [N]: max. 12,000

Automatic assembly machine for pouch connectors

The aim of this project is to combine seven existing machines into a single assembly system for pouch connectors. In the course of this, the entire development process from design, construction, manufacturing to the commissioning of the fully automated assembly line is covered by our experienced team. Within this line, the products being manufactured are positioned and fitted with O-rings as well as spacers. Once welded ultrasonically, the sections are checked for leaks and subsequently screwed shut with a torque cap. The entire process involves comprehensive product monitoring as well as counting and packaging of the products at the end of the line.

Technical key data:

  • Length [m]: 11.0
  • Width [m]: 2.25
  • Height [m]: 2.6
  • Product size [mm]: Ø13×70
  • Product weight [g]: approx. 5
  • Cycle time [s]: 1.2

Hygienic Design

Manufacturing processes differ between the pharmaceutical, chemical and medical technology sectors. Even the product itself can place any number of demands on the production equipment and affect the design and functionality of a system. In spite of this variation in requirements, the general specifications for a GMP-compliant system design can be found in the GMP regulations:

  • The equipment must not negatively influence the products quality
  • The equipment has to be easy to clean
  • The equipment has to comply with the applicable technical regulations
  • The equipment has to be suitable for its purpose

In order to meet the high requirements of our customers in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry, these regulations form our guideline for realisation of individual customers’ projects.


Are our competence

For us, economic efficiency in production plant design means combining state-of-the-art technologies, precisely tailored to the process in question right from the outset, thereby avoiding the customer unnecessary costs. Due to the perfect coordination between plant design and process, we assure our customers of efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their production processes.  Integrating numerous mechanisms for identifying and mitigating potential defects into our production equipment, we are able to save resources and increase process security. As a result, our customers are capable of manufacturing their products precisely and to the highest level of quality at all times.

We never compromise on quality. By applying our expertise and cutting edge technology, we provide our customers with the best possible quality when implementing their projects. We do not rest on our laurels. We constantly rethink what we have already developed, continually expand our manufacturing potential perpetually and adapt our production to flexibly suit the needs of our customers. We get to the bottom of technical issues by conducting detailed root cause analyses. We demand the same standards of quality from our suppliers and partners as we do from ourselves.  We are characterised by the highest level of responsibility towards our employees as well as the employees of our customers. For this reason, we attach particular importance to the topic of occupational safety and all associated measures.

Flexibility and adaptability are central requirements of today’s production systems and cornerstones of Industry 4.0. Adaptability of production systems is an increasingly decisive factor in a company’s competitiveness. Our ambition is to be able to expand and/or retrofit production systems quickly and efficiently as new requirements arise.

By using our modern range of production machinery and up-to-date hard- and software, we enable our customers to obtain optimised technical solutions for their production processes, including all components such as electrics and pneumatics.

Conceptual design, project planning, calculation, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning – with us you get everything from a single source and with a dedicated contact person.

With many years of experience, our engineers and technicians provide our customers with the ideal base for planning and realising complex projects. Planning reliability as well as compliance with agreed deadlines and benchmarks are essential for us. In addition, we ensure the availability of spare and wear parts for years to come.