E-Mobility + New Energy

Propulsion for the future

E-mobility and New Energy are not dreams of the future for us. Our expertise is in demand; our experience continues to grow. As a result, we have been able to implement a wide range of projects for our customers in recent years, from production plants for battery modules to assembly plants for electric and hybrid drive systems to the production engineering for the required components, including solar modules, plug connectors and batteries. Start the e-revolution with us.

Your advantages

are our expertise

By optimising production processes, we increase profitability.

We translate tailor-made, innovative concepts into first-class, high-efficiency plants and thereby secure a clear competitive advantage for our customers.

Our plants can be adapted down to the last detail: from a wide range of variants to different production numbers, we create consistent precision.

Using the latest software and advanced components, we provide our customers with maximum benefits.

Our customers have a permanent point of contact who supports them at every stage of their project.

In-depth knowledge and specialised expertise for numerous problems also result from many years of experience.


E-Mobility / New Energy

E-mobility processes

E-mobility requires innovative and adaptable concepts from the automotive industry. While hybrid and electric drive systems continue to evolve, quality demands are also increasing. As a reliable partner, for our customers we therefore focus on flexible automation solutions that can be fully customised to individual products.

Battery systems and battery assembly systems

We develop individual solutions for the assembly and manufacture of battery modules, packs, contacting systems and battery housings. Our expertise includes the design of high-precision measurement and testing machines that incorporate the latest technologies.

New Energy

We provide the technology for our customers’ production – from energy generation to energy transfer to energy storage.

Hydrogen technology

Our advantage when dealing with MEA assemblies and other highly sensitive fuel-cell components is our expertise in handling membranes, sensitive fleeces and films. Moreover, WOLL Maschinenbau has experience in the integration of helium leak testing systems into interlinked plants.

Through our activities in the medical technology field, we can provide a high degree of reliability in plant engineering under cleanroom conditions as well as expertise in the sectors of automated and manual welding for complex and highly sophisticated materials, including those often used in the hydrogen economy.

The low cycle times that will be required by the hydrogen technology of the future, which are necessary to reduce the costs associated with the technology, represent another challenge that we can master thanks to our experience with fast process sequences.

We have also been able to study fuel cell manufacturing concepts beyond our own projects, so that we can start designing plants for our customers immediately.

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