Exceptional solutions for innovative processes

We support our customers with future-oriented automation solutions according to the required degree of automation in all industrial sectors. Exceptional solutions for complex requirements are the core of our business.

The diverse capabilities of our employees enables us to implement your visions completely from a single provider.

A sample of our projects

Self-adjusting robot gripper for small part hu in the logistics sector

Self-adjusting robot gripper for small part hu in the logistics sector

The gripper’s individual fingers are positioned precisely in infinitely variable configurations based on the size of the small part HU using servo drives with left/right rotating ball screws. This enables small part HUs of various sizes to be handled without changing grippers. The gripper fingers’ integrated immersion depth control as well as the system’s crash monitoring are performed via spring plates with corresponding position detection. An image processing system developed by VMT identifies the exact position of the small part HU. Our small part HU gripper can be mounted onto all common robot types (KUKA, ABB, FANUC…).

Technical key data:

  • Small part HU length [mm]: 300-600
  • Small part HU width [mm]: 200-400
  • Small part HU weight [kg]: 25


Are our competence

For us, economic efficiency in production plant design means combining state-of-the-art technologies, precisely tailored to the process in question right from the outset, thereby avoiding the customer unnecessary costs. Due to the perfect coordination between plant design and process, we assure our customers of efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their production processes.  Integrating numerous mechanisms for identifying and mitigating potential defects into our production equipment, we are able to save resources and increase process security. As a result, our customers are capable of manufacturing their products precisely and to the highest level of quality at all times.

We never compromise on quality. By applying our expertise and cutting edge technology, we provide our customers with the best possible quality when implementing their projects. We do not rest on our laurels. We constantly rethink what we have already developed, continually expand our manufacturing potential perpetually and adapt our production to flexibly suit the needs of our customers. We get to the bottom of technical issues by conducting detailed root cause analyses. We demand the same standards of quality from our suppliers and partners as we do from ourselves.  We are characterised by the highest level of responsibility towards our employees as well as the employees of our customers. For this reason, we attach particular importance to the topic of occupational safety and all associated measures.

Flexibility and adaptability are central requirements of today’s production systems and cornerstones of Industry 4.0. Adaptability of production systems is an increasingly decisive factor in a company’s competitiveness. Our ambition is to be able to expand and/or retrofit production systems quickly and efficiently as new requirements arise.

By using our modern range of production machinery and up-to-date hard- and software, we enable our customers to obtain optimised technical solutions for their production processes, including all components such as electrics and pneumatics.

Conceptual design, project planning, calculation, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning – with us you get everything from a single source and with a dedicated contact person.

With many years of experience, our engineers and technicians provide our customers with the ideal base for planning and realising complex projects. Planning reliability as well as compliance with agreed deadlines and benchmarks are essential for us. In addition, we ensure the availability of spare and wear parts for years to come.