How we work

Diversity through possibility

Our customers’ success is our success. Our customers value us as a reliable and innovative partner in realising requirement-specific concepts.


Customised solutions

Individual applications require individual approaches to finding solutions. Therefore, we offer customised solutions to customers with innovative, oversized or exceptional requirements. With competent advice, we work together to develop solutions that meet your expectations both technically and financially.


We bring our customers’ ideas to reality. By working out each step in collaboration with our customers, we create maximum transparency. Thereby we ensure that projects are completed to your entire satisfaction and with the perfect solution for you.

 Prototype production

When testing for technical feasibility, it is often helpful to manufacture prototypes or pilot units that are individually tailored to all the customer’s requirements profile.

 Everything from a single source

Conceptual design, project planning, calculation, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning – with us you get everything from a single source and with a dedicated contact person.

Tailor-made automation

Project planning

Collaborating closely with the customer, our team puts together the optimal production process, taking deadlines, capacities and qualitative requirements. Feasibility analyses and cycle time reviews are conducted early on during the quotation phase.


our experienced engineering design departments in the areas of mechanics, pneumatics, electrical and control technology are responsible for the detailed conceptual design.

Acceptance procedure

Each system is fully assembled and commissioned on our premises. Once all technical and qualitative requirements have been fulfilled, it is disassembled and reassembled on the customer’s site worldwide. Finally, commissioning of the system takes place under production conditions.

After-sales service

Our customers appreciate our service in performing retrofits and modernisations, as well as our expertise in technical matters. Our qualified staff are happy to conduct employee training courses for the operating personnel.